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You can now earn AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points by booking event tickets

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You’re in luck if you’re considering purchasing tickets to sporting events, concerts or theater performances. American Airlines has introduced yet another way for AAdvantage members to earn miles and Loyalty Points.

You can buy U.S. and Canadian Ticketmaster tickets with AAdvantage Events to earn 1 AAdvantage mile and 1 Loyalty Point toward status per dollar spent.

Here’s a closer look at how you can use AAdvantage Events to book ticketed events while earning miles and Loyalty Points.

Earn AA miles on Ticketmaster purchases

The new AAdvantage Events site functions like an online shopping portal for Ticketmaster purchases. However, instead of using AAdvantage eShopping, you’d navigate directly to the AAdvantage Events page.

From there, you can search for your desired event or simply explore all events in a given city.

When we looked at “Hamilton” tickets in New York City, we found the tickets cost the same whether you book through AAdvantage Events or directly on Ticketmaster’s website.

The difference, however, is that if you book your tickets with AAdvantage Events, you’ll earn 1 AAdvantage mile and Loyalty Point per base dollar spent on your tickets. For this order of two “Hamilton” tickets, you’d earn 298 miles, worth around $5 at TPG’s valuations. While that’s a nominal return, it’s an added bonus.

Alternatively, you can earn American Express Membership Rewards points by initiating your Ticketmaster purchase through Rakuten.

Rakuten earnings Ticketmaster

For the same “Hamilton” order, you could earn 298 Membership Rewards points through Rakuten, which we value at around $6.

Ultimately, this is a nice option for American loyalists who previously went directly to Ticketmaster for live events, as you can now earn miles and Loyalty Points on these transactions. Just be sure you’re not missing out on a better return with a different shopping portal.

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Bottom line

AAdvantage Events can be a convenient way to earn extra rewards on event tickets. An American spokesperson confirmed that you won’t earn the 20% or 30% Loyalty Point Rewards bonus on AAdvantage Events if you’ve passed 60,000 or 100,000 Loyalty Points, respectively.

American also informed us that in the next phase of AAdvantage Events, members will be able to redeem miles for any of Ticketmaster’s events.

If you’re considering buying event tickets, you might want to book through AAdvantage Events to earn additional rewards.